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April 20, 2011


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Brilliant photos indeed. In fact, the whole resource is wonderful - Willem shared a copy with me at the show and I think it is extremely well-done. Great work.

Great to finally meet you and hoping to connect soon on your next trip to origin in Central America.

Un saludo,


Daniel Humphries

Thanks Michael!

It was great to meet you too. I'm so interested in the work you are doing. I pored over that literature you gave me on the plane home. I certainly hope we can connect again soon in CA !

Dodd Coffee

The look of the beans in the photo is very nice and clean. Ethiopia has been gaining a lot of ground in the way that they prep and it is becoming more apparent in the taste of the beans. Thanks for sharing with us.

Jura Capresso Reviews

Very cool. Thanks for posting the pics. It's interesting that Dodd Coffee says that Ethiopia is gaining ground in bean development even though coffee is thought to have originated in Ethiopia nearly a thousand years ago.

coffee lover

very cool pics ! thanks for sharing !



Wow! The close up shots of the beans themselves was really interesting. Who knew could see the inconsistent picking practices. That is good to know especially if one is buying in bulk.

Lots of details I did not know about..

Thank you!

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