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December 14, 2010


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Stephen Jeske

Absolutely amazing. It's universally accepted that soil type and micro climate has a definite affect on wine grapes. Why not coffee beans? Just think of the impact this could have on the coffee industry. It will be interesting to see the results from the study. Look forward to hearing more.

Daniel Humphries

Hi Stephen.

You're absolutely right. It's well-established in coffee, too, that "terroir" greatly influences flavor profile. But whereas the wine industry has done a great job of documenting this with extensive scientific study, rigorous studies in the coffee industry are few and far between.

There are coffee science experiments, there are cuppings, and there is "origin work," but rarely do you see all three go hand in hand.


wow! amazing stuff. A friend of mine showed me your blog. Thanks for doing this. When are the data going to be available? Thanks.

Chris Reilly

This sounds like a great study! I'd really like to know if they published a paper on their results.

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