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November 19, 2010


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Daniel Humphries


rob berghmans

Why you don't see so much Puerto Rican coffees in Brooklyn (for example)?
It's expensive.
There's not so much.
Most of the export, i believe, goes to Europe.

But, in Belgium the championship this year is won with a Puerto Rican coffee!


Same issue you have with Hawaiian coffees. As a US territory it has similar cost structure such as land cost and labor. The only reason its not as expensive as Hawaiian coffees is it is still less expensive to live there and less government regulations on their coffee, i.e. Kona.

Daniel Humphries

You guys are both right about it being expensive, of course. And Chris you are right this is partially because of a high cost of production. And Rob, I didn't know that! Very interesting.

However, it goes deeper than this. For example, there is a floor-price set by the gov't for PR coffees, but no such floor that I know of in Hawaii. Second, both the actual quality and the perception of quality are generally higher in the case of Hawaii. So it's not merely high cost of production or high price that does this.

Chris, there are actually *more* government regulations on the coffee in PR, not fewer. They have their hands wrist-deep in every sector of the industry there.

But this still doesn't answer our question about quality. Other expensive coffees do very well in the specialty industry...


Never realized that PR had a more heavy handed regulation than Hawaii. I think PR makes a good coffee and have a nice shade grown here but will still take my Ka'u coffee I made this morning (Sea Mountain). What is the annual production of PR? I believe its only 30 Million pounds for Hawaii and Maui's largest coffee farm only does 300,000 pounds a year.

Hawaii is just a different breed and like no other place I have lived in the mainland. I am just pleased that areas outside of Kona are starting to get recognition such as Ka'u and Hamakua. Have you ever dealt with farms that do aged coffee?

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