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May 18, 2010


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Nice stuff. Jeremy told me on our trip to Ethiopia about it but to see it in action is quite amazing.
@Jeremy: Ship one for me over to Germany - will you be so kind :-)

Daniel Humphries

I feel so connected to your yirgacheffe trip I almost feel I was there! Jeremy is a great guy.

Eric Hancock

I like how he just throws out "electrostatic precipitator." As if we all have a few laying around.

Jason Coffee

Wow, that system looks pretty intricate, I like the filtering system how it catches the rest of the particulates. Very interesting stuff.

@Eric haha, that made me smile.


True coffee science!

CB Power

A refreshingly different way of looking at what could be very boring subject matter. Bookmarked :)


Hi a friend of mine travel to Colombia, into one of the more amazing coffee farms check this out www.cafemesa.com

Coffee Grinders

Well thats a cool stuff! what's the capability of this machine?

Daniel Humphries

It's an IR-12, which is Diedrich secret code for Infrared burner, 12-kilo machine. The max drop-weight for a machine rated like that is theoretically about 30 pounds of green coffee, but most roaster-operators go with about 80% capacity, for better control of the roast. Roasts take about 12-14 minutes, plus a few minutes for cooling time, because this machine has a one-way impeller that can drive air through the drum or through the cooling tray, but not both at the same time. So that means that Jeremy can roast about 100 pounds of green coffee an hour at maximal operation... or about 83 pounds of roasted product. That's my guess, without directly asking him.

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