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January 07, 2010


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Daniel Larsen

Maybe you mentioned it and I just missed it, but are you gonna make any stops around Dallas (or really anywhere in Texas)? In any case, I'm looking forward to the video series to come.

rob berghmans

We're in San Fran with Willem from Jan 27 en fly back first of Feb. Didn't follow the agenda, but maybe we meet and if not Willem will probably tell us all about this fantastic project.
We at Caffenation are a small specialized coffee company. 40% of our total coffee volume is Ethiopian, so you understand our interests.

To finish ; small prediction for the Super Bowl : Eagles-Patriots. Yes that's a risky bet isn't it?
Have fun,


Daniel Humphries


I'll be in San Fran on January 30 till February 4th. Perhaps we can meet up?

Daniel Humphries


No plans right now to go to Texas, though I hope to do one in New Orleans.


it's a good video.

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