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December 29, 2009


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those little vivace paper cups became part of my daily routine when I moved to Seattle in 2001, so they hold some nostalgic charm. though it is heresy, it is kind of nice to sip a macchiato out of something so thin and light sometimes - accentuates the cloudlike texture of the drink which heavy/hot ceramic can diminish.

Daniel Humphries

Wow, yeah, I never thought of that. Interesting... and yes, I especially noticed the loveliness of the foam. Hmmm....


no monsooned malabar in there: http://tinyurl.com/ybzwxuo

all discussions of legitimacy of espresso/macchiato/cappuccino to-go aside, espresso and macchiato are just so impossibly small to need a to-go vessel. the only thing that has ever swayed me from this is someone claiming they were mid-tiramisu-creation.

if the to-go vessel were edible, that'd just be another story.

Daniel Humphries

Hi Ryan...

Hmm... Read carefully. The link you posted only says there is no more Monsooned robusta. Lots of Monsooned arabicas to choose from out there. And I still think that's what I tasted, though again I could be wrong.

edible to-go espresso cups is my next venture. How did you know???

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