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October 06, 2009


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alexander ruas

"...was a top twenty in my life kind of coffe..."
sounds like something out the the great movie "High Fidelity"!

check out this scene where they list their top five records!

I would love to see your top five list (of coffees)!

John Vaughan

Do you scrape off the crema on your espresso shots? Or drink them as they come?

Daniel Humphries

Ha ha... good idea Alexander. Though to be honest I'm not sure I could actually finish my lists. Because unlike a record, a great coffee is here and then gone forever. I haven't taken good enough notes down through the ages to say for sure what's in that top 20, exactly. I just know it's good enough to go in that group.


I usually drink them as they come. I posted a bit about how to taste espresso here. http://danielhumphries.typepad.com/coffee/2009/08/tasting-espresso.html


On the topic of great coffee shops in unlikely zipcodes, I can't believe you left NYC without visiting us in Connecticut.

Daniel Humphries

Awww, Lori! No fair!

You guys opened right before I was leaving. But you better believe me that I will be back. If you want, I'll even come behind the bar and mess up all your stuff as I pretend to make espressos.

Btw, you should drop a link here in the comments if you want to.

Daniel Humphries

Also, John, to answer your question more directly: I am aware of the whole scrape-the-crema controversy. And I certainly understand why people would want to do that. I prefer just to drink the whole thing... on a truly good espresso, the crema won't be too nasty and it will add a lot to the richness of the mouthfeel.

I do always teach my students to understand the difference between the crema and the liquid underneath. It's surprising how many people do not even know there is s difference.


Daniel, www.espressoneat.com is the link. And I'm holding you to the guest barista commitment.

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