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May 27, 2009


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I got nothing from the segment. I was expecting to learn something. Especially being you said its ten things. I have an espresso maker and an automatic coffee maker as well as a french press. All you did was add water over coffee... I'm disappointed. Maybe you should put up some youtube videos of what you wanted to say/do but "ran out of time" before you could.


Hi Jennifer:

Yes, well, that's television for you. You should write them and tell them that, as there's not really anything I could have done about it. The producers come in and tell you what to do, then the set director puts super dark roasted coffee all over the place, then the hostesses come in 25 seconds before the segment starts and make one joke and start reading off the teleprompter (which script, of course, was not written by me). Then they cut you off every 20 seconds as you try to explain what's important. They're far more concerned with getting your make-up right than getting the actual content right.

Sorry you're "disappointed."

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