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December 31, 2009


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Did you get to try Intelligentsia's Kenya Thiriku? Talk about a wild coffee, Very meaty/savory, blackcurrant, mango/pineapple. Ridiculously versatile as well.
Haven't had beans of that Gichathaini, but had a clover of it at Intelligentsia back in October, was a very interesting coffee but don't remember much.

Daniel Humphries

Hi. Yes... thats outstanding too. So many great coffees, so little time, huh?


Indeed, especially Nyeri District in Kenya's this year, aforementioned Intelligentsia Coffees, Kirimara Estate from Brown Coffee, and Kiawamururu from Square Mile plus others earlier this year. great stuff!


Great videos! I wish there were places like this around me.

alexander ruas

you're fantastic dude!
love these videos!
I love it that you have so much to say. most of it of interest ;-)
but around this Sarah woman - you become chattery & up-beat like a nervous school boy! I guess that happens to most of us when we have great coffee around a really stunning woman!


keep up the good work!

Daniel Humphries

Chattery and upbeat, my friend ... never nervous.

And thanks for the kind words.

alexander ruas

something is happening here in the universe of coffee!
two cyberplaces in the same week!



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