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September 09, 2009


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No kidding, Daniel! Ost has become truly one of my favorite NYC cafés.


i came across your blog through a post intelligentsia did on their fanpage in facebook. anyway, i totally agree with all of what you wrote above re: Ost. i just moved to the east village some time around in the summer and ost has been the best thing about my move. the coffee is phenomenal, i mean there's a lot of other great cafes within a 5-mile radius but the salient point for Ost is their staff. alex and aaron provide so much warmth to the already homey ambiance, and their baristas are just as friendly and accomodating.

i can't say how happy i am to be living just 5 doors down from Ost. it really proves that everything happens for a reason ;)

Daniel Humphries

One of the things that most struck me about Ost is how open and neighborhood-y it felt right off the bat. New York City has many amazing qualities, but having relaxed, neighborhood joints where you can sit and read quietly and sip coffee in between conversations with your friendly, smiling barista is not generally one of them.

Ost is very "New Yorky" in its own way, but certain aspects of it remind me of the best neighborhood joints in the more laid-back Pacific Northwest.

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