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July 06, 2008


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t o n x

"free trade" coffee is a typo, yes?

What do the shell beans look like when they are green? I can't seem to recall what correlates with them, though I'm used to seeing them in roasted.

Daniel Humphries


Fixed, thanks.

The green shell beans look just like their roasted counterparts... sort of hollowed out like little boats.

The problem is mostly that they roast up very unevenly compared to the whole beans, yes? They don't seem to have any other defect-y taste.


I've heard before the reason why shell beans are created. It was not enough raunfall in that season. So coffee trees were undernourished. But I'm not sure. When you go to Kenya, Please ask them. And please let me know about that!


Last explanation was not to the point.
It was not enough rainfall at some gradations of development of coffee cherry.

Daniel Humphries


Thanks for tip! I will ask around about this.

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